Definite in our purpose
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We are dedicated to managing wealth with practiced care through evolving market conditions.

Expert Perspective

Hollow Brook works every day to excel in all aspects of business, from investing client capital to serving the diverse needs of our clients. The next decade will bring significant changes to the industry, and we look to our advisory board to guide us in successfully managing both challenges and opportunities. Our advisory board members have significant track records in key business areas including macroeconomics, energy and government policy. We look to them for advice and opinions in enhancing our management skills and advancing our investment strategies to help guard and grow our clients’ wealth.

Governor Thomas H. Kean

President of THK Consulting, LLC

Fred H. Langhammer

Chairman of Global Affairs at the Estee Lauder Companies, Inc.

Jason DeSena Trennert

Chief Executive Officer at Strategas Securities, LLC Manager Partner and Chief Investment Strategist at Strategas Research Partners, LLC